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  • I’ve been through chemo treatments for over 6 years already. I woke up this morning after taking two of your Relax + Recover gummies and I could cry. Between the migraines and the stabbing pain from the breast cancer, I could NEVER sleep more than a couple hours at a time. I will buy them all. I will clean you out if it means I can feel like this for the rest of my time here. I finally wasn’t too tired to play with my grandkids. THANK YOU!

    Anonymous Wisconsin
  • I’ve suffered from severe pain in my lower back for years (L3-5) and I’ve tried everything from chiropractic, SI Fusion surgery, Tramadol, Percocet, TENS units, injections and more and nothing has given me the comfort that the Relax and Recover gummies have given me. I also have PTSD from my time in Afghanistan. I now get a full nights sleep. I LOVE this product and I’ve already sold at least two of my friends on it.  THANKS SMALL AXE!

    Tamara Butterini South Dakota
  • I am a poker dealer who does a lot of side to side stretching and reaching. That takes its toll on my back.  I eat one of the R+R gummies and my back stress melts away. Ready to go again the next day.  Also, my wife has had a mysterious foot pain for about a year that has gone away also and the only change is adding an R+R gummy to her routine.

    Charles Hambley Florida
  • I had to experiment with dosage when I first received your Kingston gummies.  I’ve found a half of one gummy is perfect!  My testimonial isn’t as dramatic as some, I just miss the beautiful sleep of my younger years.  As I’ve gotten older, my anxiety is worse and my sleep isn’t as deep – I wake up several times in the night and get up dragging in the mornings.  A half gummy relaxes me fully and the sleep is amazing!  So calming.  I think I’ll try your Relax + Recover as well to gauge the quality of sleep those might induce!
    Thanks for bringing me down from the ledge.

    Pam Kahn North Carolina

Relax & Recover 400MG Gummies

Formulated with a 1:1 ratio of CBD to Delta-8, our Relax + Recover gummies aid in recharging after a long day. The 20mg of CBD works to reduce post-exercise inflammation and the 20mg of Delta-8 is just enough to take the edge off. Each pack has 5 Blueberry Pomegranate and 5 Raspberry Lemonade gummies – and they’re perfect for any newcomer to edible cannabis.

Just like all of our products, they’re made with only organic and all natural ingredients.

Take one gummy to relax and recover.


Forbidden Fruits – Full Spectrum Vegan Gummies

Featuring the widest array of cannabinoids across our product line, Forbidden Fruits are made with full spectrum distillate and contain 30mg CBD and 10mg Delta-9. We amplify this combination with an added 3mg of CBG and 2mg CBN isolates for your ideal evening experience.

Additionally, this product contains no gelatin and is 100% vegan, organic, and all-natural.

Enjoy five Southern Peach and five Blackberry Jam gummies in each pack.


Freedom Flyers 300MG Gummies

America prides itself on its freedoms. We believe that every citizen deserves the right to control their own state of mind. Freedom Flyers help you set your mind free and take flight. With 30mg of organically derived Delta-8, these are the gummies you bring to get the party started. Each pack has five Black Cherry and five Blue Raspberry gummies and are made solely from hemp grown on American soil.

Take one and prepare for take off!


Caliber 500MG Gummies

Caliber is the strongest type of hemp candy that we make, and we advise these only for seasoned cannabis connoisseur. Each gummy packs a potent 50mg of organically derived Delta-8 and has all the firepower you’ll require.

You’ll find both Blue Raspberry and Summer Strawberry in each 500mg pack.

Most users should avoid these, or start with only a half of one.


Kingston 200MG Gummies

Each pack is filled with 10 fruity candies that contain 20mg of organically derived delta-8 for a total of 200mg. These gummies are made in the United States using hemp grown entirely on American soil.

Every pack has a variety of flavors: Lemon, Strawberry and Watermelon.

Take one to feel irie and relax yourself!