Highest quality cannabis products direct to your door or store.

Highest quality cannabis products direct to your door or store.

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Lightning fast shipping.
Free for orders over $50.

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Trusted Edibles

Create your own adventure with our cannabis edibles.

Our candy packs can be mixed and matched in our build-a-boxes, creating an array of flavors and experiences to suit your mood. Each recipe is carefully formulated to ensure that you have the best option for the right time of day and setting: from a morning boost to midday relaxation to nighttime rest.

The flavors available in our build-a-boxes include: Blueberry Pomegranate, Raspberry Lemonade, Southern Peach, Blackberry Jam, Island Pineapple, Mango Chili Lime, Elderberry, Vanilla Tangerine, Mountain Blueberry, Wild Grape, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Strawberry Lime, and Lemonade.

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Premium Flower

Relentlessly a cut above.

Our THCa flower is hand harvested and contains the perfect mix of cannabinoids and terpenes to delight your senses. We offer our flower in two tiers:

Harvest Select showcases premium flowers that we make available in a regular rotation as they reach peak maturity. Our genetics have undergone years of breeding to create incredibly potent and flavorful lines. Each jar we ship features a distinct and unique label, so you’ll have 100% confidence in the contents.

Farmer’s Cut consists of rare strains that are only available on a first come, first serve basis. Often these cultivars take much longer to grow and also produce smaller yields – but are of absolute connoisseur quality. If we’re sold out, connect with our email list and social media to be first in line.

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The official brand of rockstars & rainbows.

About Our Products


Premium Cannabis Flower

Available at peak maturity, our THCa cannabis flower represents the state-of-the-art in genetics and cultivation.

It comes in two tiers: Harvest Select (which is generally more readily available and more affordable) and Farmer’s Cut (strains that take longer to produce and are more rare & expensive).

Our cannabis inventory changes daily as harvests come to fruition, so check back regularly or join our email list for updates.

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Relax + Recover

Formulated with a 1:1 ratio of CBD to Delta-8, our Relax + Recover gummies aid in recharging after a long day. The 20mg of CBD works to reduce post-exercise inflammation and the 20mg of Delta-8 is just enough to take the edge off. Each pack has 5 Blueberry Pomegranate and 5 Raspberry Lemonade gummies – and they’re perfect for any newcomer to edible cannabis.

Just like all of our products, they’re made with only organic and all natural ingredients. Take one gummy to relax and recover.


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Forbidden Fruits

Featuring the widest array of cannabinoids across our product line, Forbidden Fruits are made with full spectrum distillate and contain 20mg CBD and 10mg Delta-9. We amplify this combination with an added 3mg of CBG and 2mg CBN isolates for your ideal evening experience.

Additionally, this product contains no gelatin and is 100% vegan, organic, and all-natural. Enjoy five Southern Peach and five Blackberry Jam gummies in each pack.


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Vice + Virtue

Vice + Virtue are made with 10mg THC-D9 and 3mg THCV – a rare cannabinoid found in Southeast Asian and African sativa varieties. We rounded out the recipe with 10mg CBD and 3mg CBG for a perfectly balanced and uplifting experience. Like all of our candies – they’re made with exclusively all natural, organic and vegan ingredients.

Each pack of Vice + Virtue come with 5 mountain blueberry and 5 wild grape gummies.


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Forbidden Fire

Forbidden Fire is a sister product to our extremely popular Forbidden Fruits recipe but with less evening effects. With this formula we dialed up the CBG from 3mg to 5mg and added a punch of spiciness. They also have 20mg CBD and 10mg of D9. As this is a psychoactive product, do not operate machinery or drive after consuming.

Each pack of Forbidden Fire features 5 Island Pineapple and 5 Mango Chili Lime gummies. Please note that our Island Pineapple flavor is made with Habanero pepper extract and are extremely spicy.


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Freedom Flyers

America prides itself on its freedoms. We believe that every citizen deserves the right to control their own state of mind. Freedom Flyers help you set your mind free and take flight. With 30mg of organically derived Delta-8, these are the gummies you bring to get the party started. Each pack has five Black Cherry and five Blue Raspberry gummies and are made solely from hemp grown on American soil.

Take one and prepare for take off!


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Mellow Mood

Mellow Mood Daytime Hemp Gummies are made with our every day “feel good” recipe.

Each gummy has 30MG of CBD & 2MG of CBG which are derived from US grown hemp. From there, we add 50mg of 5-HTP which is the precursor to serotonin (one of your body’s mood regulating neurotransmitters). Mellow Mood are designed to be non-psychoactive, so you don’t have to plan your day around inebriating effects (like our other products with D8/D9).


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Mellow Moon

Mellow Moon Nighttime Hemp Gummies are made with our nighttime recipe.

Each gummy has 30MG of CBD & 3MG of CBN which are derived from US grown hemp. From there, we add 3mg of Melatonin (which is the hormone your body releases in the evening to signal that it’s bedtime). Mellow Moon are designed to be non-psychoactive but some consumers report very mild effects from the CBN.

You can enjoy these gummies every night to help you ease into bedtime.


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Caliber is the strongest type of hemp candy that we make, and we advise these only for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs. Each gummy packs a potent 50mg of organically derived Delta-8 and has all the firepower you’ll require.

You’ll find both Blue Raspberry and Summer Strawberry in each 500mg pack. Most users should avoid these, or start with only a half of one.


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If you or a loved one are struggling with a life-threatening or debilitating illness and find that our products help to alleviate your suffering, please apply for our One Love Assistance Program.