Our first priority is the quality and safety of our products.

Small Axe has multiple checkpoints in place across all of our source materials to insure that they are of the highest quality possible.

There are additional redundancy protocols in our packaging and order fulfillment systems to verify that what you receive meets or exceeds our standards.

Here’s what that means in the real world…


Whether its flower that we harvest ourselves or flower that was produced by one of our partner farms – Small Axe opts to source the highest quality product available. We aim to reduce fertilizer use wherever possible, eliminate or use only organic pesticides, and capture the pure essence of the plant instead of propping it up with artificial chemicals.


Our products are tested at several points to demonstrate their superiority. Our soil is tested for nutrients, the flower is tested for cannabinoid arrays and microbial contaminants, our distillate is tested for heavy metals, residual solvents, potency, pesticides, and mycotoxins.. and at every step of this process we gather confidence across our chain of custody.


We are conscientious of the impact our packaging has on the environment, and therefore are continually seeking ways to find a balance between protecting the earth, and protecting our products on their way to you. We try to reduce and construct with recycled materials where possible. Before our products are packaged, a real live human visually inspects every product that will be consumed by our customers.


Our products are designed to be your reward and your indulgence. We make the gifts you give yourself and your friends and family. Because of this, we want to overdeliver your expectations. If your overall experience is anything less than perfect, we will take every measure to resolve your concerns. Simply contact our customer service if you are not 100% satisfied.