Chill Pill – 3MG THC-D9 Low Dose Mints

Chill Pills are perfectly formulated to take the edge off your rough days.

Made with 9mg CBD and 3mg of THC-D9, each chill pill is microdosed with just enough active ingredients to make your worries melt away. They are an incredible option for people with low tolerances or those want to a high refresh throughout the day.

Each tin comes with 20 peppermint chill pills and should be dissolved on your tongue (or chewed for a blast of minty freshness). Effects may take more than an hour to be fully realized.

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Quantity Price Each
1 $30.00
2 - 4 $28.00
5 - 7 $27.00
8 - 9 $25.00
10+ $22.00