Forbidden Fire – Spicy Fruit 10MG THC-D9 + 5MG CBG Gummies

Like always, we’re bringing the heat.

Forbidden Fire is a sister product to our extremely popular Forbidden Fruits recipe but with less nighttime effects. With this formula we dialed up the CBG from 3mg to 5mg and added a punch of spiciness. They also have 20mg CBD and 10mg of D9. As this is a psychoactive product, do not operate machinery or drive after consuming.

We recommend trying one and waiting up to two hours for the effects to build.

Each pack of Forbidden Fire features 5 Island Pineapple & 5 Mango Chili Lime gummies. Please note that our Island Pineapple flavor is made with Habanero pepper extract and are extremely spicy.

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Quantity Price Each
1 $35.00
2 - 4 $33.00
5 - 7 $30.00
8 - 9 $27.00
10+ $23.00