Toke – THCa Vape Variety Box

This variety box features all four flavors of our THCa vapes.

Small Axe Toke vapes are made exclusively will all natural ingredients: organic cannabis oil, live rosin and added botanical terpenes for incredible flavor. They’re perfect for times when you’d like a little buzz to take the edge off, but don’t want to commit to having one of our edibles.

Each device comes precharged and filled with one gram of premium oil.
Just take one three second toke – and slide into relaxation.

Dreadlock OG | Pure skunky weed
Mango Kush| Fresh tropical mango – but not overtly sweet
Blueberry Haze | Mountain blueberries that have ripened to a dark hue
Ballermelon | Watermelon that’s been taken to baller status