Mellow Mood – Daytime 30MG CBD + 50MG 5HTP Gummies

Mellow Mood are made with our every day “feel good” recipe.

Each gummy has 30MG of CBD & 2MG of CBG which are derived from US grown hemp. From there, we add 50mg of 5-HTP which is the precursor to serotonin (one of your body’s mood regulating neurotransmitters*). Mellow Mood are designed to be non-psychoactive and useful in recovery after a weekend of partying. 😉

You can enjoy these gummies every day for a brighter mood.

Each pack of Mellow Mood has 5 Strawberry Lime and 5 Lemonade gummies.

*Customers taking SSRI medications may experience interactions with 5-HTP. Please consult your physician before consuming.

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Quantity Price Each
1 $30.00
2 - 4 $28.00
5 - 7 $26.00
8 - 9 $24.00
10+ $20.00