Daily Dose – THC-D8 + CBD Cannabinoid Microelixir

Daily Dose is a state-of-the-art microelixir that is ready to be added to your favorite cocktail, coffee, or drink.

To make it, our lab processes our cannabinoid oils into microscopic bubbles that are smaller than 100 nanometers allowing for the formula to be water soluble and thermostable. And because they’re so tiny, they are absorbed by your body more quickly and take effect faster.

Each dropper squeeze contains 20mg of cannabinoids:
9mg THC-D8 + 9MG CBD + 1MG CBG + 1MG CBN

Each bottle has more than 100+ uses making Daily Dose a very cost effective option for your relaxation and recovery.

Our first production run for Daily Dose is extremely limited. So we can only allow one bottle per order.