10 Pack Build-a-Box


With our 10 Pack Build-a-Box, you can conveniently choose ten packs of your favorite Small Axe candy varieties and get $10 off per pack. Diversify your flavors and cannabis experiences… all while snagging a discount.

Looking for less than 10 packs? Check out our 5 Pack Build-a-Box.

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Forbidden Fruits - Full Spectrum THC-D9 Gummies

Relax + Recover – 20MG D8 + 20MG CBD Gummies

Vice + Virtue - Sativa THC-D9/THCV Gummies

Freedom Flyers – 300MG D8 Gummies

Forbidden Fire - Spiced Fruit D9 Gummies

Mellow Moon - Nighttime CBN/Melatonin Gummies

Mellow Mood - Daytime CBD/5HTP Gummies

Kingston - 200MG D8 Fruit Gummies

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